My Experience at Charlotte + Lily

When accepting an internship at Charlotte and Lily, I was not sure what was in store.

Hi, my name is Sarah. Originally from Newtown, CT, I moved to Myrtle Beach when I was 18 to pursue a degree at Coastal Carolina University. I am now a senior at CCU, majoring in Communication + Journalism. I love learning about new trends in society and connecting them to my studies and every day life. My passions include social media, design, crafting, hiking, spending time with my dog, and traveling. 




The first weeks in the studio were different than any other internship I’ve experienced. Everyday is a learning experience in the custom wedding invitation industry. It’s amazing to see how each individual project is so customized and fitted to the client’s personality. Laura’s eye for style & constant attention to detail and Joe’s problem solving & handiness make them a great team!

I never imagined my senior internship would be working at an invitation studio as C +L's social media coordinator, especially one like this. It has been so much more than a social media focus for me. From learning how Laura draws up clients invites to learning about letterpress, I’ve learned so much about custom stationery.

Every dimension has to align perfectly for an invitation to work. Seriously, it has to be perfect. If you don’t believe me, there have been numerous days where I've watched Laura and Joe spend four plus hours figuring out how to cut a single wedding invitation so that the rest of the invitation suite was entirely aligned. 

I’ve also learned the importance of getting to know your clients. I admire Laura so much for her effort to make her clients feel like family. She loves to please them and make them feel special during throughout the whole experience. Things like ordering Chinese food for a couple during their consult because it's their favorite or simply supplying another couple with their favorite beverage, Laura loves to make the best experience possible for her clients. 

One of my favorite learning experiences was watching Laura and Joe emboss a nautical wedding invitation. They were hand embossing anchors on over one hundred invites. It was so cool to watch how they sprinkle a powder like substance over the invitation, and then heat up the area with a really hot dryer that turns the powder a glittery, gold masterpiece. It is one of my favorite details for a custom invite!

With their four hands, a lot gets done around here. I’ve loved every experience since I’ve been here, most importantly because I am free to be myself and any ask questions. 

I also find it pretty amazing how I’ve got to see how their studio grow. It first started out as a five-year empty space and has turned into an inspirational and chic design studio.

I am very lucky to be a part of the Charlotte and Lily team. Feeling blessed does not even begin to cover this learning experience. Working under such great people that make their dreams reality every day is something I really admire and strive for in my future. Thank you Laura & Joe!