New Look. New Year.

Hannah Ruth Meets Charlotte + Lily:

What started as one artist complimenting another artist's work on Instagram, has formed into a strong friendship for these Myrtle Beach creative professionals. Both Hannah Ruth and Laura value each other’s authentic perspective on art and composition, with an equal emphasis on crafting a best-in-class client experience. 

From Hannah Ruth’s Perspective:

I was ready for a change (and I don’t mean a new hair color!). My handwritten signature logo has been with me since the start and I wanted something new and fresh…a design that represented my style…my business…my photography. I tried a more structured logo concept, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I contacted Laura, Principal Designer, behind Charlotte + Lily. 

From Charlotte + Lily’s Perspective:

When you see a Hannah Ruth photo, you know! The lighting is soft, smiles are genuine…and most of all, there a special mixture of whimsy, southern comfort, and elegance. My goal was simple: to design a fresh brand identity that embodies the same essence that Hannah Ruth captures with every click of her camera. 

The Design Process and Meaning:

Hannah Ruth Photography’s brand identity was inspired by a circle. Yes, a circle! At face value, this basic shape may sound boring, but in fact, celebrates Hannah Ruth Photography on so many levels. The most obvious- the very instrument she uses to capture the most memorable moments for her clients is her camera lens. And this lens…. It’s circular. 

The Eucalyptus inspired leaves create visual softness, just like Hannah Ruth’s lighting. This organic element also represents Hannah Ruth’s unique ability to capture people in their most natural and genuine state. 

The handwritten word “photography” is a nod to Hannah Ruth’s first logo. The script font adds a whimsical and personalized feel to the overall design. This whimsical font is balanced by a strong and bold “Hannah Ruth”, positioning her as an established and leading artist.

The fresh and modern color pallet leverages the studio’s existing brand identity. Instead of hot pink and royal blue, the pallet includes soft blush, classic navy, crisp white, and luxurious rose gold.

What’s Next?

Hannah Ruth and Charlotte + Lily look forward to continuing to encourage, inspire and collaborate together. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook as these creative entrepreneurs grow. Cheers to a fresh start and to friendship!

Hannah Ruth Photography specializes in Bridal, Family, Portrait, and Studio Photography. The studio is located at The Market Common, 3087 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   |


Charlotte + Lily is a boutique custom design and branding studio located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The studio specializes in creating one-of-a-kind creations for corporate and personal milestone occasions. From luxurious wedding invitations, corporate branding, dinner parties, to whimsical birth announcements, Charlotte + Lily is a one-stop-shop dedicated to premium paper goods and best-in-class client experience. The studio is located at 7821 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572   |