Meet Laura

Founder, Designer, Coffee Lover

Hi! I'm Laura.

What an adventure Charlotte + Lily has been! You see, this journey started a decade ago without even realizing Charlotte + Lily was in the making.

With a Business Management, Marketing, and Graphic Design degree, I focused on climbing the corporate ladder. And climb- I did! I have been privileged to work for multiple Fortune 500 companies in product development, design and buying positions. But as I climbed, I wanted to know who I was creating for.

In the late hours on a nondescript night, I opened at Etsy Shop to connect and share my creative passion in a more personal way. Without even realizing it, this was a life changing decision... a professional turning point... and it was exhilarating! With each creation, my heart fell more in love with Charlotte + Lily.

Fast forward to March 2016. I took the ultimate leap of faith (on myself!) and said goodbye to my corporate career to focus on Charlotte + Lily full time.