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Whether near or far from our studio, our collaborative design process is 1-on-1.

Each project starts with a blank slate.

We believe your personality is the foundation and essence of the design.

At the end of the process, the blank slate is transformed into a treasured keepsake.





Through conversation and inspirational imagery, we learn not only about your event style, but also, who you are as a person... as a couple... as a family. How did you meet? How do you want people to feel at your celebration? What makes you laugh? This allows for us to learn about you and begin dreaming up a custom design that reflects your unique story and style.

We can meet in our Grande Dunes studio or over the phone. The complimentary consultation is approximately 1 hour and is a fun and interactive process!

"The conversation was easy and effortless! You will feel like you are chatting with one of your closest friends! " Kelly, Kentucky

/ 2 / DESIGN

With all the insight and inspiration gathered from the consultation, we begin creating initial sketches, building color palettes, recommending materials and print technique that capture your special day. A customized Concept Board is presented during a follow up appointment shortly after Phase 1. This design tool visually represents the art direction of your project. The artwork is conceptual and not finalized.

You know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? We couldn't agree more!

Based on your personalized Concept Board, we want to hear what elements you absolutely love... what elements you could do without... and how the artwork makes you feel. This powerful tool helps answer "Are we on the right track?". Typically it takes 2 rounds of fine tuning to get the artwork just so for your event.

"Laura's vision and creativity shine through to everything she touches! I have used her for multiple invites and have been thrilled with each one! " Michael, New Jersey
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Every element has been perfected. Details has been reviewed and approved. You're in love with the artwork. It's now time to bring your creation to life!

Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted with care.

"Laura kept us updated as the work progressed. The final product was flawless. Packaging was beautiful. Highly recommended!!!! " Jennifer, Oregon